Do you want a nice and fast website?

We always deliver our websites with a large SEO package included, so your website get off to a great start.

At CNH Media we deliver modern and customized websites designed based on your wishes. Moreover, we make a virtue of taking your customers into consideration during the process to ensure that we make the most of your new website.

We will create a welcoming, trustworthy and professional website that is able to convert your visitors into customers by creating peace of mind for the visitors.

Generate more sales

We always use the customer’s needs as our starting point when developing a new website. We do this by talking to you and learning more about your company and your requests and suggestions to a new website. It’s the combination of your knowledge about your business along with our experience that create a website that is not just good-looking – but also generate more sales.

How does a website make more sales?

There are various ways to improve a website’s ability to transform visitors to customers. Our main focus at CNH Media is to give the visitors a good experience by making each and every new website attractive, fast, user friendly and easy to navigate.

Furthermore, we work with elements that increase trust and credibility such as customer reviews and presentations of the people behind the company so it’s clear for any new visitor who they are dealing with. Strengtheningthe the bond of the trust with the visitor is one of several crucial elements for whether a sale can take place. In addition to the trust-building elements, we will focus on encouraging the visitors to take action or contact, so we manage to embrace the visitors who are actually interested.

Data-oriented approach

If you’re already a customer at CNH Media, we will look into the existing data that we have on you and your company. This could for example be the knowledge we have obtained via your Google Ads advertising, which we can utilize to e.g. suggest new content that we can see your potential customers are seeking. Moreover, we will set up Google Analytics in order for us to collect data from your visitors as we go. This data is very valuable in the long run, as it helps us understand the needs of your visitors, and thus, helps us to make the most of your marketing.

How do the websites look?

We always design our customers’ new websites based on your wishes. If you are curious to know how these may look, then simply click on the button to see more.

A CNH website is always:

Nice and welcoming
SEO optimized
User friendly
Customize your needs
Modern and responsive

How much does a website cost?

Product and prices can vary a lot when choosing a website subcontractor. At CNH Media we only deliver high quality websites. This entails that we don’t compromise with neither design nor speed. We offer some of the market’s best websites to the price, so don’t hestitate – choose a professional marketing partner when having your new website done. After all, it’s the springboard for your company online.

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Website prices

One-time exspense – no subscription – 100% ownership

1.800,-one-time expense
  • 100% ownership
  • Up to 6 subpages
  • 1 contact form
  • Large SEO startup package
  • Customized design
  • Loading speed optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Analytics setup and integration
2.500,-one-time expense
  • 100% ownership
  • Up to 18 subpages
  • 3 contact forms
  • Large SEO startup package
  • Customized design
  • Loading speed optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Analytics setup and integration

Extra features for your website


Complete implementation and setup of our popular module “Testimonials” which allows you to use your customers’ words as recommendations on your website. It increases trust in the relationship between your new customer and your business, when the nice words that your own customers say about you are shown. The testimonials can be displayed wherever you want it, however, we often recommend having them at the bottom of all your pages, so your visitors see them. In addition, we will gladly create a specific subpage that shows all the statements. We will load up to 10 of your reviews. The module is implemented in an easy and user-friendly way so you can also add new testimonials to your website yourself.


If you need assistance, we can write professional texts for your new website. We offer a professional, unique and SEO friendly text that takes its starting point in your business and your needs. The price for copywriting depends of each case, but please contact us for a noncommittal talk about your needs.

100,- per hour

Website references

Here is a sample of some of the websites delivered by CNH Media.

Are you interested in finding out more?

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