Google Ads

Marketing on Google

It’s a battlefield when it comes to ranking on Google – including within your line of business. With this in mind, it is important that your Google Ads account has been set up correctly and optimized continuously in order to make the most of your marketing budget.

CNH Media has certified and experienced specialists who daily work on optimizing Google Ads accounts. We are helping several companies to take full advantage of their Google Ads and to make profit, and we can help you too. With us, you are ensured a transparent solution that you have 100% ownership of.

Gain success with Google Ads

Google Ads is the best and most efficient online advertizing platform!

At CNH Media we are not afraid to set the bar high – because we know that we deliver good quality work. No matter which package or budget our customers have, we always carry out a wide range of initiatives based on a combination of business knowledge and ongoing optimization work, which make a prominent difference in your Google Ads results. And this is one the pillars in our customers’ success.

Google Premier Partner

We at CNH Media are proud to be Google Premier Partner. It means that Google over a longer period of time has evaluated CNH Media to be capable of generating signifcant results for customers.

We create effective campaigns

Speak to a certified Google Ads specialist

How much does Google Ads cost?

Despite various package solutions and technical concepts, there is no need to worry. At CNH Media we always prefer to start with your needs – and we will assist you in finding the right marketing solution for you as well as answer any question you might have.

Is Google Ads the right choice for you?

Don’t be confused by all the information below – give us a call instead and have a noncommittal conversation about your needs. Maybe it will turn out that Google Ads isn’t the right platform for you – and perhaps it will be more beneficial for you to market your business through other channels. We know the advantages and disadvantages of the different marketing platforms, and we can quickly help you find the right solution for you – no matter budget and line of business.

Targeted marketing

There are countless paramenters to setup and adjust in Google Ads, and if this is all executed correctly, it is possible to attract a lot of relevant traffic to your website.

Ongoing improvements

While advertizing on the Google Ads platform, large amounts of data are being gathered. This data is the foundation of any efficient marketing campaign, and it is highly useful and therefore applied during optimizations.

Measurable results

Google Ads makes it possible to gain access to numerous key figures that represent your Google Ads campaigns in different ways.

Included in every Google Ads package:


Competitive analysis


New campaigns

Search keywords analysis

Negative search keywords

Remarketing lists


Google Analytics

Code implementation

Conversion tracking

Call Tracking


A/B ad test

Bid- & Budget adjustment

Search keywords extension

Search terms analysis

Analysis of negative search keywords

Analysis of negative phrases

Campaign extension

Ad group extension

Remarketing control


Strategic bid adjustment

Mobile ads

Mobile ad extension

Google Ads Packages

240,-per month
  • Monthly reporting
  • Call tracking report by request
  • 3 phone numbers
  • Optimization every 2nd week
  • Monthly conference call
  • Ad budget: 200-999,-
  • Setup: 400,-
  • Total the first month: 640,-
550,-per month
  • Everything in the Medium Package and:
  • Monthly reporting
  • Call tracking report by request
  • 6 phone numbers
  • Weekly optimization
  • Conference call every 2nd week
  • Ad budget: 3.000-5.999,-
  • Setup: 1000,-
  • Total the first month: 1550,-
800,-per month
  • Everything in the Premium Package and:
  • Monthly reporting
  • Call tracking report
  • 8 phone numbers
  • Weekly optimization
  • Conference call every 2nd week
  • Ad budget: 6.000-10.000,-
  • Setup: 1350,-
  • Total the first month: 2.150,-

* Ad budget = The minimum budget for Google Ads 

Free performance report

One of our certified specialists will make a written report for you based on an in-depth analysis.

We know that 97% of all Google Ads accounts contain malfunctions which inevidably leads to a loss of customers and less profit of the company’s marekting budget.

The purpose of a free Google Ads performance report is for you to find out exactly where and how you can make more out of your Google advertizing. We will deliver the report to you in a PDF file, and we always offer a free and noncommittal walk-through of both the report and your account.