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Here you will find the answers to the questions we get asked the most. If you, against all odds, don’t find the answer to your question below, please feel free to contact us – we will do anything we can to help give you an answer.

Shortcuts to FAQ sections:

Google Ads

How much time before my account is ready?

As a starting point, two weeks are set to create a new account provided that we have received all the necessary access and information. However, it should be pointed out that it can take more or less time all depending on the size of the account.

When can I expect to see results?

Unfortunetely, there is not one single right answer to this question. We have experience with customers, who achieve noticeable results almost right away, whereas other times it might take months of work before getting on the right track, where conversions and prices will really start to kick a** – so to say 🙂

It is important to keep in mind that the results you get via your Google advertizing – as well as the time it takes to achieve them – are highly dependent on your industry, your geograhic area, your budget, competitiveness, and last but not least, your brand.

How come I don’t get any new customers?

Honestly? There can be several reasons!

First of all, we recommend that you read the questions above, as time is a necessity. Exactly how much time it will take, is difficult to assess, but Rome wasn’t built in one day either.

Giv it a chance, and contribute with all the constructive feedback that you have in relation to search keywords, ad texts, understanding of your brand, as well as knowledge of your customers and their journey etc.

Other factors that can come into play when attracting new customers are whether there exist favorable contact options and relevant landings pages, and not least a holistic website that is up to date on content, visual appearance and the technical part (SEO). Put briefly, in the end it is your website that should be able to convert visitors to customers – what we do with Google Ads, is to get the visitors onto your site.

Finally, it should not be a secret that a larger budget contributes to faster data collection, which is the key to understanding what, where and when the customers contact you or visit your site (provided that all tracking is up and running).

Do I own everything myself? Do I have administrator rights to it all?

YES! Trust and transparency is a big part of our collaboration, so yes of course you have administrator rights to your Google Ads account, your Analytics and Tag Manager account, if you want it, and you own everything yourself.

What should I do if I want to makes changes on my account?

As mentioned, you have all the rights to make the changes that you want on your account, however, there is no reason to work against each other. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us and inform about the changes you are considering. This way we can collaborate, and we can offer our professional advice and obtain insight into why you are considering changing search keyword/landing pages/budget or whatever it may be.

How does it work with payment to Google?

Google will automatically withdraw money for the clicks on your ads from the bank account you have registered on your Google Ads account. The money are usually withdrawn once a month, but it is possible that other payment days or methods have been chosen. You can see all of this information under “Billing & Payments” on your Google Ads account.

See the image below:

Here you can also download your invoices directly from Google Ads.

Do I receive reports from you?

It varies, as it depends on each customer. Some prefer to receive reports with diagrams, statistics etc. whereas others prefer to have a conversation via the phone or an in-depth email. We usually come to an agreement about the customers’ communication preferences in the beginning of the collaboration.

Please, let us know if you would like to receive a report.

How do I see my customer ID?

You can see where to find your customer ID on the picture below.

Why do you need administrator rights in order to make a performance report?

We completely understand that it can be difficult to trust and give another company access to your business’ account. But we almost dare to guarantee that when you get the Performance Report on your Google Ads account, it’s worth taking the risk – not to mention that the report is free and noncommittal, so you literally have nothing to lose.

We have done this for a couple of year now, and the last thing we want i to “cheat” anyone or do anything on anyone’s account without their permission – we would like to maintain our professional reputation! Not to mention that we obviously prefer to use our time on existing customers rather than working for free 🙂

In addition, it should be underlined that you can always remove our administrative access anytime you want after we have made the Performance Report for you.

What should I do if another agency contacts me?

We are well aware that we are in a very competitive industry. However, we have great confidence in the quality of the work we do, and we believe that we are some of the best at what we do!

As mentioned, we are in favor of transparency and trust, so if you find yourself in this situation, feel free to accept a report or analysis from another agency. If we find out something we didn’t know – and if it can improve your account – then we are very cooperative.
We greatly appreciate your honesty, and we will do what we can to give you the same.


Will you inform me if I should make changes on my website?

We usually make the customer aware if there is something that should be improved on the website, as it is the decisive turning point when making leads contact your company.
We recommend that you get a SEO analysis to receive more in-depth feedback and guidance in relation to your website.

Do you make changes for me on my website?

We can assist with minor corrections on the webste – provided that we have the neccessary access. However, if it is a more time-consuming and complicated task, we will charge a fee for every started half hour.

Why do you require administrative access to my website to make changes?

Without administrator rights, we simply cannot perform any changes on the website. We know from experience that it takes up too much time to give all the specific guidelines on how to correct/add/remove elements on the website. In addition, when we don’t conduct the changes ourselves, it also often results in mistakes being made.

What is Call Tracking? And why does my number change?

Call Tracking is tracking of your phone number. We use it to collect data about what makes your phone ring – online as well as offline.

When installing Call Tracking on your website, a feature is created which goes in and temporary changes your current phone number with a Google forwarding number. DON’T WORRY! You still have your phone number, and whoever calls the Google forwarding number will be put through to you.

We utilize Call Tracking to register how many people call you via your Google Ads – and not to mention, when they call you and which ad/keyword/campaign that triggered it.


What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Unlike Google Ads, SEO is the organic ads in Google that you don’t pay for. Our focus is on both on-page SEO, where we look through your site and improve e.g. loading speed, page titles and content, but also off-page SEO, where the focal point, for example, is link building.

When can I expect to see results?

If a foundation has already been built on your website with some of the basic SEO elements in it, you will relatively quickly be able to see an impact on your keywords’ ranking and the traffic that comes with it. However, if you have a newly created website, the process can be slower because Google first needs to get to know and recognize your site and you need to get started with creating valuable SEO on your website.

As a rule of thumb, you can first expect to see organic results after 6-12 months. On the other hand, the improvement of your loading speed can often be felt faster – and this is, by the way, closely linked to your Quality Score in Google Ads.

How do I see the reel value of my SEO? Do I have access to this material?

You will receive a monthly report reviewing the placements of your keywords, as well as the monthly optimizations we’ve made. Furthermore, as we value transparency highly, we want you to be involved in the entire process, and to be aware of which optimizations we are making. In addition, we make a great virtue out of tracking, so you can see more precisely how many leads or conversions our SEO efforts have given your business.

What kind of optimizations are being done?

It is very different what we do in our optimizations. We always begin our work with a SEO analysis, where we walk through the basic shortcomings of your particular website. Afterwards, we make a plan for the entire SEO process with primary focus on the most critical things, so the basic SEO is in place. Subsequently, we focus on what makes the most sense in terms of value based on your website.


What is Facebook advertizing?

You can reach exactly your target group where they are with Facebook paid advertizing.

Facebook is one of the cheapest and most efficient marketing channels you can use. You don’t have to be a millionaire to achieve fast and noticeably results. Today there are approximately 2.32 billion active users on the platform a month, so you can count on your target group to be on the popular platform as well.

You can utilize Facebook advertizing whether you are on the B2C or B2B market. Facebook differentates itself from other marketing methods because of its very specific targeting. Throughout time, Facebook has collected lots of data about its users, and this data is the greatest advantage for the advertisers.

Another reason why you should advertize on Facebook rather than simply posting on your own page, is because Facebook changed their algorithm in the beginning of 2018, which means that the News Feed algorithm gives priority to content from friends, family and groups rather than content from Business Pages. This makes it much harder for you to reach your target audience with organic posts.

Do you post on my Facebook page?

We don’t create posts for you to publish on your Facebook page. Facebook advertizing is designed to reach the desired target group where they are, ie. across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger. We show ads to your target audience in the most favorable placements.

How does payment to Facebook work?

Your payment to Facebook depends on whether you have chosen “automatic payment” or “manual payment” when creating your first ad.

Automatic payment: Facebook will charge you automatically when you spend a certain amount, called your billing threshold, and again on the monthly billing date if you have any unpaid amount. This is how you pay Facebook if you use PayPal or most of the credit- and debit cards when you pay for ads.

Manual payment: This payment method requires that you put money on your account first afterwhich Facebook will charge the money up to once a day while your ads are running. This is how you pay if you have chosen the manual payment method (e.g. PayTM) to pay for your ads. You don’t have a billing limit for manual payments.

CNH Media

How come I don’t always speak with the same specialist?

We generally believe that four eyes are better than two, so we often have two or more specialists on an account with the purpose of achieving the best possible results. It is always a good idea to get another of our specialist to look at an account with a new set of eyes.

In continuation hereof, you may also find that you speak with different specialists at CNH. If the person you usually talk to is not available, you will get another specialist on the line. This will in no way affect your account negatively – on the contrary!

Can I get a new contact person if the chemistry doesn’t feel right with the current one?

You can always ask for a new contact person if you don’t feel that your personalities are a match. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same person you are in contact with who ultimately creates and optimizes on your products.

How do you resignate my agreement?

To terminate your agreement, you must write an email to: bogholderi@cnh-media.com. For further information regarding your specific agreement, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions of sale and delivery once again.

How often will I hear from you?

It is very individual which needs our customers have, which is why you should make an agreement with one of our specialists – either in the start up call or during the collaboration in case the need changes. Some wants a set appointment every month, whereas others call when they need a follow up – it is, as mentioned, very different. We are usually in contact with our customers via mail or phone, but please make your needs and wishes clear so that we can have the best possible communication.