We are experts at generating conversions

We are specialists and experienced consultants within online marketing – and we love it!

We help our customers promote their business’ online presence on a daily basis. We strive to achieve high customer satisfaction and long-term relations based on hard word, high quality and ongoing contact as well as mutual respect and understanding.

We want to see your company develop with the means of online marketing. We are passionate about what we do – and as a customer you will be able to feel that.

Our goal at CNH Media is that for every euro our customer spends, we earn back minimum two. This entails that we outline some objectives for you as customer in relation to your online marketing, and then we strive to reach these.

Who is CNH Media?

We help our customers promote their company’s online presence daily in order for their clients to better find them.

As a customer at CNH Media you will experience to be included during the entire process – right from entering the agreement to the launch of the complete product. We will be communicate with you all the way through. By doing this, both parties will be ensured that each solution is customized.

Returning customers

Here at CNH Media we often see previous customers coming back, because we appreciate and make a living of good, long-term relations to our customers.

We will hold your hand through the entire process, so if you have any questions, please don’t hestitate to call us or write a mail.

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Meet our dedicated team

Søren Nicolaisen


Line Krogsgaard Erichsen

Head of Quality Assurance & General Manager

Patrick Sørli

Partner - v/Afd. Norge

Søren Larsen

Ads Specialist - Dept. Denmark

Mats Nielsen

Senior Ads specialist - Dept. Denmark

Emma Nilsrud

Customer Specialist & Copywriter - Dept. Norway

Maria Granat

Administrative Coordinator & Copywriter


Sales representative - Dept. Denmark


Sales representative - Dept. Denmark


Website Specialist

Why choose CNH Media?


We strengthen our customers’ online visibility and help companies attract potential clients

As a webbureau we are known for having a close collaboration with our customers. That is why you as a customer at CNH Media will experience to be part of the entire process – from entering the agreement to the launch of the complete product. We will have a dialogue with you from the beginning to the end.

Our goal at CNH Media is that for every euro our customer spends, we earn back minimum two. This entails determining clear objectives with the customer in relation to their online marketing, which we will subsequently strive to reach. At CNH Media we often experience recurring customers, and we live on long-term relations to our clients.

Credibility and honesty

You often experience web agencies and other online businesses say that they only do their job for the sake of the customers. A cornerstone of ours is that we always strive to achieve high customer satisfaction, but we are not trying to hide the fact that we also have an interest in making money of our solutions. The only way we can allow ourselves to do that is by ensuring quality work for each and every customer, and thus build and maintain long-lasting and rewarding customer relations. A collaboration that enriches both the customer and us in the end. At CNH Media we have a good relationship with our customers, even after the agreement has been terminated.


Our main focus is to deliver valuable solutions and to take responsibility for our customers’ online success.


At CNH Media we are transparent and open about the solutions/services that we offer. We have nothing to hide. All our customers can ask for a report with a status update and information anytime they want.